Sucursal Norte I // Zweigstelle Nord I

Desde Flekke // aus Flekke:

Hello everyone!

It is a German (and Nordic) tradition to paint eggs before Easter. Weeks before the holidays, people start blowing out the eggs they use for cooking, instead of breaking them, to save enough to decorate the house with these delicate pieces of art. The eggs can be colorful, stylish, protesting, with or without message, painted with watercolors, markers or pencils…

Next Monday
from 16.00 to 18.00
we will have our own Eastereggpaintingworkshop
in the Spanish classroom (K 1.2).

Come by if you want to relive your childhood and those good old days of egg-painting again, or on the contrary experience cultural sharing at its finest!

If you are interested…

Paint is available, but if you have any markers or similar, bring them as well! Also, I encourage you to blow out the eggs you use this weekend for cakes, muffins and other more or less healthy mixes (I will provide some, but please understand my limits then it comes to buying, blowing out and eating eggs!).

If it is your first time blowing eggs out, you can either approach me or maybe ask a kind German/Nordic for help, or try it yourself: make a hole the size of a small bead on each «pointy» end of the egg and… blow. Steadily and relatively strong. And you can make  the holes bigger if you need to! If you want to, you can also bring them on Monday. We can blow them out in the moment and finish off with a well-deserved giant omelet (or any other dish with eggs...)

I hope to see you (and your eggs) on Monday. Staff and families are more than welcome!



Pulpo-Huevo del Flekke-Fjordo // Kraken-Ei aus dem Flekke-Fjord


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  1. Juan Fritz dijo:

    ………and also a French tradition.

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