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Ihr könnt euch denken, dass ich in der letzten Zeit des öfteren mal nach Ostereiern gegoogelt habe.  // Os podéis imaginar que durante las últimas semanas, mas de una vez he hecho una busqueda ovoidal en google.

Hier, zum Ausklang, einige Links die ich interessant finde. Wer mehr wissen will, der findet in Herrn Googel einen eifrigen Helfer…. // Aquí os dejo algunos enalces a videos que me parecían curiosos. Quien quiere saber más…. Don Google le ayuda a encontrarlo.

In this video Father Paul Luniw (St. Michael’s Byzantine Catholic Church, Terryville, CT), will demonstrate the art of pysanky. Video by David DelPoio

The egg has been a symbol of life in the Ukraine and other Slavic countries since ancient times. It was customary to give decorated eggs denoting stages of life in the spring. Colorful symbols representing nature and passed from mother to daughter enlivened the surfaces of eggs called pysanky.


This video is about Eggshell decoration with Dremel (tojás mintázás) hobby hungary.


Virgin Mary Mosaic Made from 15,000 Easter Eggs

By Spooky on January 14th, 2010

Ukrainian artist Oksana Mas has created an unusual mosaic portrait of the Virgin Mary, using 15,000 painted Easter Eggs.

Inside the gorgeous Saint Sophia Cathedral in Kyiv, the giant mosaic weighs 2.5 tons and is made out of 15,000 wooden Easter Eggs. Oksana Mas started working on her masterpiece nine months ago, painting the eggs all by herself, but later children from all across the country got involved and helped out with the painting.

The Easter-egg portrait of the Virgin Mary, by Oksana Mas, measures 7×7 meters.







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  1. jabonyvida dijo:

    artistazos todos.

  2. jabonyvida dijo:


  3. hermosa, hermoso, hermosos!
    larga vida al huevo de puentetoma!

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